2015 First Installment property tax bills mailed out

February 2016 - The Cook County Treasurer's Office has mailed out Tax Year 2015 First Installment property tax bills to all property owners in Cook County.  The due date for the 2015 First Installment is March 1, 2016.

First installment tax bills are 55% of the previous year's total property tax bill.  All exemptions and changes in assessed value are calculated into the Second Installment tax bill.

Contact the Stickney Township Assessor's Office with any questions regarding your property tax situation. 


2015 Taxpayer Exemption applications now available

January 2016 - The Cook County Assessor's Office has released Tax Year 2015 exemption applications.  Homeowner, Senior Citizen, and Senior Freeze Exemption applications are available online at the County Assessor's website.


Pre-file your Tax Year 2016 property tax appeal

December 2015 - The Stickney Township Assessor's Office is offering residential property owners within Stickney Township the opportunity to pre-file their Tax Year 2016 appeal (payable in 2017).

Tax Year 2016 is the final year of the three year assessment cycle for Stickney Township.  Any reduction is assessed value granted for Tax Year 2016 would be good for one year only.

The opportunity to file a property tax appeal for Tax Year 2015 has passed.

New law increases Disabled Veterans Exemption

November 2015 - Senate Bill 107 amends the Property Tax Code for the Disabled Veterans Exemption.

Starting with Tax Year 2015 and there after, veterans with 30% - 49% service related disability receive $2,500 annual exemption; veterans with 50% - 69% disability receive $5,000 annual exemption; and veterans with 70% or more disability are completely exempt from property taxation.

The exemption amount is deducted from the Equalized Assessed Value component of the property tax bill.

The new law also provides that accessibility modifications will not increase a residential property's assessed valuation for seven years.