New law increases Disabled Veterans Exemption

November 2015 - Senate Bill 107 amends the Property Tax Code for the Disabled Veterans Exemption.

Starting with Tax Year 2015 and there after, veterans with 30% - 49% service related disability receive $2,500 annual exemption; veterans with 50% - 69% disability receive $5,000 annual exemption; and veterans with 70% or more disability are completely exempt from property taxation.

The exemption amount is deducted from the Equalized Assessed Value component of the property tax bill.

The new law also provides that accessibility modifications will not increase a residential property's assessed valuation for seven years.

Contact the Stickney Township Assessor's Office for more information. 

Stickney Township closed for Tax Year 2015 appeals

October 2015 - The Cook County Board of Review has closed Stickney Township for Tax Year 2015 property tax appeals.

Residential property owners within Stickney Township can pre-file a Tax Year 2016 assessed valuation complaint with the Stickney Township Assessor's Office.