Holiday hours for Stickney Township Assessor's Office

December 2014 - The Stickney Township Assessor's Office will be open on Wednesday, December 24, until 1:00 PM.  We will be closed December 25 and 26.  We will re-open on Monday, December 29, at 9:00 AM.

The Assessor's Office will be open until 1:00 PM on Wednesday, December 31.  We will be closed on Thursday, January 1.  We will re-open for regular business hours on Friday, January 2 at 9:00 AM.

New assessment software for Assessor's Office

December 2014 - The Stickney Township Assessor's Office has recently acquired a new software program.  The Assessor Information Manager (AIM) system allows the Assessor's Office to process assessment, building permit, and sales data more efficiently.

The program can quickly determine whether an assessment for a given property is uniform to similar properties.  It also can identify comparable properties to support a lack of uniformity claim.

The AIM system also processes building permits in half the time of our previous procedures by allowing us to enter data into one program instead of two.

And finally, the new software now lets us process sales data into a digital format - allowing the Assessor's Office to organize the data into useful information for all taxpayers.

Contact the Stickney Township Assessor's Office for more information.


Township closed for 2014 appeals

November 2014 - The Cook County Board of Review has officially closed Stickney Township for Tax Year 2014 property tax appeals.  Taxpayers within the township can pre-file a Tax Year 2015 assessed valuation complaint through the Stickney Township Assessor's Office.