Exemption Application period over for Tax Year 2015

May 2016 - The deadline to apply for any Taxpayer Exemptions for Tax Year 2015 has passed.

Residential taxpayers will have to apply for a Certificate of Error to recover any missed exemptions.  Homeowners never need to hire an attorney or consultant to recover any missed exemptions.

Contact the Stickney Township Assessor's Office for more information.


Appeal time around the corner

April 2016 - The Stickney Township Assessor's Office anticipates the County Assessor will open Stickney Township for appeals by the end of May.  Taxpayers within Stickney Township still can pre-file their assessed valuation complaint with the Stickney Township Assessor's Office.

Tax Year 2016 is the final year of the triennial tax cycle.  Any reduction in assessed value would be good for one year only.  Tax Year 2017 (payable in 2018) is the beginning of a new three year tax cycle.

Taxpayers will have a second opportunity to file a property tax appeal later in the year with the County Board of Review.

Homeowners never need to hire consultants or attorneys to determine their property tax situation.

2015 First Installment property tax bills mailed out

February 2016 - The Cook County Treasurer's Office has mailed out Tax Year 2015 First Installment property tax bills to all property owners in Cook County.  The due date for the 2015 First Installment was March 1, 2016.

First installment tax bills are 55% of the previous year's total property tax bill.  All exemptions and changes in assessed value are calculated into the Second Installment tax bill.